Better Call Saul season 4: How much of the story should be left?

Better Call SaulNow that we’re gearing up for Better Call Saul season 4, it does feel like now is the time when we should start to be focused more on the series’ endgame. After all, Breaking Bad technically only ran five seasons, and we’re already, strange as it is to think, already pretty close to when that show was starting to enter the home stretch.

What makes the story of Better Call Saul all the more interesting, at least to us, is how everything is both certain and unknown. Because we are getting closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, we have a good sense now of where the season is going. With that being said, though, there’s still a major question mark that remains in what happens to Kim Wexler. At this point, we already know the end for Chuck McGill, but there is one more major person in Jimmy’s life who does need to be focused on. This season could be the time in which that happens.

Beyond all of this, though, there’s also still the mystery of the Gene flash-forwards. You can make the clear argument that these don’t matter all that much, but if that was the case, why is the show even bothering giving them to us? What would the point be in that? We do think that there has to be some sort of endgame to them or there’s no real point in constantly going back there at the start of each season. For the record, we’re still hoping that the writers throw us into that world.

It’s with that in mind that our Better Call Saul dream remains the same as it’s been: Maybe two or three more seasons (season 5 has been confirmed), with the final one heavily constituted on bringing us back into the Gene world and telling a story there. We’ve already had the story of a man’s downfall in Breaking Bad; we don’t think there’s anything wrong with telling a story of redemption here. If there was a way to bring back Kim in the future (the clues are there) and wrap the story up in a bittersweet way with Jimmy, why not try it?

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