Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: The Scottie situation (day 38, late-night)

ScottieWe want to do one more Big Brother 20 update for the day for the sole purpose of one thing: Trying to digest what Head of Household Bayleigh is thinking about doing in the event she needs to name a replacement nominee.

Really, she’s getting awfully close to putting herself in a terrible situation — and, in turn, getting rid of someone who she really doesn’t need to ditch in Scottie. What’s happening right now is that some of the members of Level 6, including Kaycee and Rachel, are currently pushing hard in order to get him up as a replacement. Bayleigh is at least hearing them out, but whether or not she will want to bite is a different story. Her priority seems to be figuring out a way in which to get Brett out of the house this week and she doesn’t seem altogether inclined on trying to get rid of either Tyler or JC, two names that have certainly floated around as possibilities.

Even though Rachel is currently on the block, one of the other things that is still floating around out there is the idea of this women’s alliance and trying to get rid of as many of the male players early as humanly possible. We do think with this particular group that it can work, but only because it’s not so tight-knit. It feels as though most of their targets just so happen to be men at this point more so than everyone is acting on a huge alliance, if the ratio of women to men eventually gets to a certain point, we can see the women of the house just conveniently picking off at least some of the rest. We do think that one or two guys are still going to make it to the final six or so, but that’s mostly because it is not going to benefit every single woman in the house to go with the women’s alliance forever.

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