Wynonna Earp season 3: Why did Shamier Anderson leave?

Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 2
Why did Shamier Anderson leave Wynonna Earp following season 3 episode 2? We know that’s a question for many right now, and for good reason. Dolls marks the first major character we’ve lost on the series (at least among the good guys), and he died in about as heroic a way as possible.

Unfortunately, it does still sting, and it’s always going to when you end up losing someone who is extremely popular among the show’s fanbase.

So why did this happen? Speaking to TV Guide, Anderson makes it clear that his exit was a collaborative one, decided by both him and the creative team:

Wynonna Earp‘s been a really great journey for me and my career. It’s opened up a lot of doors and shed light on a lot of things for me. I’ve been a part of something that’s beautiful, and it’s growing every single day: the fanbase, the people, and just kind of outside of the fantasy-drama sci-fi thing, you know representation, which I think is the best thing. Representation from the LGBTQ community with WayHaught and then being an African-American … and not playing to stereotypes. You know when it came time to make a mutual agreement for me to kind of step out of that character … it was very supportive all around.

The show takes turns and twists and what not and people grow. We’re actors at the end of the day, first and foremost. So people’s careers blossom differently, and it was one of those things where it was just time for [me], Shamier Anderson, to kind of go to the next phase in my career. So that’s kind of how it aligns, but it was incredible. Incredible show. Incredible bosses.

Show creator Emily Andras expanded on this to The TV Junkies, making it clear that the exit was to allow Anderson the chance to pursue some other opportunities while at the same time show that the threats our heroes are facing this year are more serious than ever. In eliminating a character this important from the fold so soon, what you are achieving is showing that there is a lot of danger and something to fight for.

Basically, Dolls is gone, but the reality here is that this character did not die in vain — hopefully, we’re also going to be seeing some other great stuff featuring Anderson in the future on the other side of all of this.

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