Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Bayleigh’s nomination plan (day 37, morning)

BayleighThis morning, we’re reminded how important a great social game is in the Big Brother house — the survival of Tyler right now as a player is a very good example of that.

From many vantage points, this seemed to be a week that Tyler could be super-vulnerable in that he and Bayleigh have been on different sides of the house, and there are people on that side like Rockstar who want him out. Yet, Tyler’s done enough talking with her to convince her that he is someone who she can work with. Because of that, he seems to have avoided at least her initial nominations. The plan for her, at least right now, is to put up Brett and JC, two people she doesn’t have all that much of a relationship with. From here, she will make another decision based on whatever happens with the Veto. While we know there’s already a push for her to nominate Scottie as a replacement nominee, we’ll just have to wait and see on that.

Basically, the only reason why Bayleigh doesn’t want to nominate Tyler is because she likes him, and with Kaitlyn gone she now thinks that she has an opportunity to be able to work closely with him. Both of them, after all, have lost the most important allies that they have. The real twist there, of course, is that the person Tyler is actually closest to wasn’t Kaitlyn. He’s been super-close to Kaycee for a long time, even though that hasn’t been showed on TV very much.

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If Brett and JC do stay on the block, there’s a chance that the “Level 6” group may end up getting their way. If Tyler, Rachel, Kaycee, Angela all vote to evict JC, all they need is one more. That’s where Sam comes into play. She’s going to be the swing vote this week since Rockstar, Haleigh, Faysal, and Scottie will all more than likely evict Brett.

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