Take Two episode 6 review: Does Sam, Eddie have a Big Bad in Deacon?

For most of Take Two episode 6, we saw Saw Swift find someone she admired more than Eddie or anyone else: A bounty hunter in Piper Mannox. Sam saw a younger version of herself in this character, someone who was wild and adventurous. She fell into Piper’s trap and because of that, she and Eddie both ended up being completely oblivious as to what Piper’s real goal was here.

Basically, the mission at the heart of this episode was for Sam and Eddie to work with Piper in order to track down an escaped criminal named Conrad. What they didn’t realize was that Piper wanted to kill the guy; not only that, but she was told in order to loop in Eddie in the process. Something was amiss about it, but Eddie couldn’t quite figure it out.

What Eddie knew was this: Deacon was involved in this somehow and he had to figure out precisely what it was. As it turns out, the goal here (before Conrad’s escape) was to transfer him to a different prison in order to kill Alex — basically, one of the people who could put Deacon away for a long time. Deacon is at this point being set up to be a pretty good Big Bad this season, at least if Take Two continues to want to tell this story. After all, Deacon seems to be fairly convinced that he is going to be getting out of prison soon enough.

So was there still closure with Piper? As it turns out, there was an opportunity — even if she didn’t get what she wanted in killing Conrad. There is a different way to get justice, even if it doesn’t mean that she is the one to kill them.

CarterMatt Verdict

When it comes to giving you a story that really seems like it is going somewhere, Take Two episode 6 was the best installment this season. While we already had the story of Sam and Eddie’s relationship, what happened with Deacon really could set the stage for an epic end of this season. There’s a lot more story left to tell here, and a lot of good, psychological stuff to really explore. After all, Deacon wants Eddie to feel responsible for what happened to Alex.

Luckily, Sam ended up trying to cheer him up at the end with chips and movies to watch — he’s probably going to need the distraction to get over this.

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