Nashville series finale: Did Connie Britton return for farewell?

Tonight, the Nashville series finale brought a lot of emotional stuff to the table, but could you really expect anything else? This is a culmination of the entire run of the series and with that, a chance to get some worthy conclusions.

For Juliette, it was clear during most of the finale that what she wanted more than anything else was a chance to be with Avery, but not because she was forcing it to happen. She wanted him to love her because that is exactly what he wanted.

Another loose end was simply the results of the singing competition that defined most of the second part of the season. Daphne did not actually end up winning, but that’s okay. In some ways, we actually think that it’s better for her that she didn’t — that gives her a little bit more freedom.

Also, tonight brought you the end of Brad — and there was much rejoicing. Basically, he ended up having to sell Shiny New Records after everything came to a head when it comes to Alannah. Why would he sell it for $15 million? Well, his choice is that he would either sell the company or Alannah would release a story of being sexual harassed. Not only was she threatening to come forward, but so were many other women — including his own ex. Apparently, he has paid a number of settlements over the years to women. This was a huge victory against this toolbox who has defined much of the story over the past several weeks. While Brad unfortunately does get a large sum of money, he is at least completely off the map when it comes to the music scene.

Then, there was Connie Britton

We do think that seeing her again as Rayna was perfect — even though you can’t bring that character back to life. It was definitely a reminder of what the show was and also where it is now. The episode brought some closure for Deacon and his father, as he allowed Gideon to come up on stage to perform with him.

The show gave you one last performance in the end, and we do think that this was fitting. All characters, including Juliette, have a chance at happiness moving forward.

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