Big Brother 20 episode 14: Was Kaitlyn Herman evicted & did she return?

KaitlynWas Kaitlyn Herman evicted on Big Brother 20 episode 14? While we know that there are many people out there who aren’t the biggest Kaitlyn fans, at the same time you have to prepare to see a lot of her tonight. (Warning: There are live feed spoilers within this piece.)

Going into the live show, it felt fairly clear that we were going to be seeing Kaitlyn go, potentially via unanimous vote. The real question mark beyond that was how she was going to react to it and, after that, whether or not she would win the competition to return to the game. There was so much potential for drama here and we are personally about just about every single second of it.

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Tonight’s episode spent the first 30 minutes or so talking extensively about what was going on in regards to the drama before the vote, which can be summed up in simply this way: Everyone was running around like crazy. We don’t love JC as a player, but we do think he deserves a little bit of credit for how things worked out here. Because he went against Level 6 / Level 5 and Bayleigh was cagey about flipping, they didn’t have many options to save Kaitlyn even if they wanted to.

The eviction vote – This wasn’t a challenge for anyone to figure out, as Kaitlyn was evicted with almost every vote — JC is the only person who voted to save her, which is random and hilarious since he fought so hard to save her. Kaitlyn was dressed like she knew she was going … but then was told that she had a chance in order to stick around. That’s when Julie Chen told her about her power, which she was barely able to handle.

The competition – This was really pretty intense given that she had to figure out a way in which to rebuild a puzzle of herself (pretty funny) in a short period of time. We don’t necessarily think it was that hard given that most of the pieces were reasonably easy to figure out. Yet, at the same time there’s so much pressure and stakes here. If we were Kaitlyn, we’re not entirely sure that we would be able to focus at all. We do give her some credit for not giving up since this was pretty hard.

Kaitlyn didn’t do it and with that, she was evicted. We really thought that this would be set up in a way in which she was going to win it. The biggest thing that hurt her was a decision she made to put together the puzzle on the ground, not realizing just how heavy to was.

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