Criminal Minds season 14: Should Luke and Garcia get together?

Luke and Garcia

Mrs. Carter: Should Criminal Minds season 14 be taking the relationship between Garcia and Luke to a new place?

As we start to move into the new season airing this fall, I feel like the arc between these two characters is one of the most exciting things the show has going for it! If you think back to the early days of Adam Rodriguez on the show, the relationship between the two characters was rough — really for no reason other than just the fact that Garcia was unhappy about having someone new in the fold who wasn’t Derek. That meant an adjustment period — she eventually did get to the point where her heart warmed up to him, and beyond that, the two actually started to forge a bond that was different than what she had with Derek (no one will replace him).

Last season, something even more remarkable happened as I started to notice some really good chemistry forming between these two characters. All of a sudden it started to feel as though there could really be something forming between the two of them that could lead to some sort of romantic future.

From at least this vantage point, I absolutely do think that there is something worth exploring here for a number of different reasons. For starters, it does feel like there is a good opportunity here to show the buildup of a relationship in a way that there hasn’t really been in the past. Blue Bloods is far from the most romantic show on TV in that you don’t really see too many situations in which characters becomes couples and start to plan their lives together, but they are well on their way with a storyline focusing on that with Jamie and Eddie.

It could be an infusion of new energy on the show and it’s certainly something that I want to see for Garcia. She’s been on the show 14 years! It feels like a good time for her to build a romantic future with someone, and what better person to do that with than Luke? He’s been through a lot in his own life and there’s something about Garcia’s energy that could really bring out a fun, happy side of him. I’m fully aware that I may be the only person aboard the Garvez ship, but I’m happy to sail it.

As for whether or not it will happen, there is no evidence of anything just yet (Luke is dating someone right now) … not I don’t really anticipated that there will be. Criminal Minds is a show that does want to keep as many things preseason under wraps as possible. The first order of business is going to be keeping Garcia alive. After that, maybe there is more of a chance to look at things in a romantic context and I hope that they do.

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