Nashville season 7: Could it ever happen, and should it?

Following tonight’s series finale, is there still a chance at a Nashville season 7 coming at some point down the line?

Based on where things are right now with the show, it definitely does not appear that we’re going to be getting more episodes at any point in the near future, and for some fairly-understandable reasons. After all, the ratings have been down over the past couple of seasons, and there may also be a sentiment that the story in some of its current form is at an end. This series has also had a rather incredible run already given that it first started back on ABC and cheated death in the form of cancellation once beforehand.

With all of this being said, it does feel foolish to think that we are for certain at the end of the road for the series since it’s so easy to envision different scenarios in which we could see it coming back. If CMT really feels like they need some more scripted programming, this is a super-easy show for them to come back to. It has a loyal audience, and we don’t necessarily think in the future that its story is altogether dependent on a couple of performers being a part of it. Country music is not going away in the near future and with that in mind, there are certainly going to be plenty of reasons to want to bring the series back down the line.

As for whether or not we envision this happening in the near future, we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, the best thing to do is expect this to be the end of the series — that’s certainly the intention right now. You just never want to completely rule out any possibility that it could happen down the road, and we would say that for virtually any other show within this particular space.

Do you want to see a Nashville season 7 on the air someday, and how would you want to see it? Share below!

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