Reverie episode 8 review: The reverie is real (as is Oliver’s threat)

ReverieWhat happened on Reverie episode 8 is more important than anything that we’ve had a chance to see so far this season. Why? Much of that stems from the closing minutes, where Mara Kent’s reality and virtual reality blurred together more than ever.

The pain for Mara started when a shooting within reverie started to blend into her real life; beyond just that, though, we had the shocking end of the episode in which she realized that the “Chris” that she was seeing may not actually be the real person. Whether it is the fault of reverie 2.0 or some of the experiments that the government were doing on the show last week, it ultimately does not matter. What really does is that Mara is going to be in really big trouble unless she starts to sort out some of the various problems that are plaguing her mind. When she cannot figure out if she’s even living in the real world anymore, it may be time for her to walk away from this job.

As for the Reverie of the week storyline this week, what we saw here can really be described as a matter of heroism. Basically, we saw Mara have to enter a reverie of an older woman named Pilar, someone who was diagnosed with cancer and was desperate to reenact a moment from her past where she rescued a number of young children who were living in a dangerous place surrounded by armed guards. What was so fascinating about this story was that Mara was fundamentally wrong about why Pilar was there — for most of the episode, she thought that she was there to reunite her with a lost love! That almost ended up causing the entire plan to come crashing down on her head.

This was a very fascinating story for Mara to dive into, especially when it comes to getting to see someone trying to relive a memory as opposed to people wanting to live out some of their wildest dreams or some of the other stuff that we’ve had a chance to see throughout the season.

What’s happening with Oliver?

Consider this to be one of the biggest threats moving forward. We do think that, on some level, he wants the best for Reverie and the people who use it. Yet, at the same time it is his instability that you should be worried about. While Mara not being able to differentiate between the real Chris and the “dream” version was troublesome, Oliver entering his own reverie at the very end of the episode could be troublesome for everyone.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Reverie episode 8 proved to be a really great episode in terms of not only giving us a good story-of-the-week plot, but also setting things up in an exciting way for what’s going to be coming up around the bend. In between Mara’s dream and Oliver’s return, we’ve got a lot to look forward to!

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