Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Another day, another flip (day 36, afternoon)

AngelaWe’re now in the midst of day 36 in the Big Brother 20 house and with that, it feels like there are even more changes coming in the game.

Let’s kick things off with this: A reminder as to where things were early this morning. It appeared previously as though Kaitlyn had the votes to stay, mostly because it looked as though Bayleigh was going to flip.

However, it now looks like we’re going to see Kaitlyn go over Rockstar, largely because of Angela in part leading a push against her. Much of it apparently started when Kaitlyn made a comment about how Angela and others were going to keep Haleigh over her. Basically, she shot herself in the foot and Angela has now determined that she is tired of her antics.

For some of the women in the game, it does make some more sense to keep Rockstar around given her proclamations about a possible all-women alliance down the road. It’s another option that they don’t necessarily have to pursue, but it is an option nonetheless and the vast majority of time, having more options is good for your game. Keeping Kaitlyn is clearly better for Tyler, but not necessarily better for everyone else. Rachel was also pushing hard to keep Kaitlyn, but at the moment both she and Tyler both have realized that it’s better to jump off the sinking ship than it is finding themselves in a position where they are in trouble because of sticking with someone everyone else wants out.

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Tyler also had a conversation this afternoon with Sam, one in which he could see that she was unhappy with some of his thinking about Kaitlyn and how she wanted her gone. Yet, she also doesn’t want to cast a tiebreaker vote. If it comes down to it, she claims that she will just decide who stays and who goes at random.

So, for now, Kaitlyn is done for … but remember that in this house, there is a very good chance that this changes come tomorrow or even tonight.

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