Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Is Bayleigh flipping? (day 36, morning)

BayleighIs it possible that the minority alliance could be blindsided on Big Brother 20 yet again on Thursday night’s show? Based on conversations last night, it’s possible.

With this, we look towards Bayleigh, who had a conversation with Tyler last night that makes it seem like she’s seriously considering voting with Level 6 to eliminate Rockstar from the game. We imagine that there are two primary motivating factors in her wanting to make this move.

1. Her current alliance hasn’t been that great to her – She’s been betrayed by them already and, beyond that, they’ve kept inforation from her on multiple occasions. If they’re not that loyal, why should she be? She also has pretty good relationships with Tyler and Kaycee on the Level 6 side.

2. Battle Back hopes – We do think that it’s on her mind that Swaggy could have a chance to reenter the game and she’d rather get rid of someone in Rockstar who hasn’t won any competitions as of yet. Unfortunately for her, there is no Battle Back this season and Swaggy’s at home rather than in sequester.

The weird thing about Bayleigh going through with this plan is that she would be voting to keep Kaitlyn who effectively was responsible for her showmance going home. Yet, you do have to be flexible in this game and if her alliance is a sinking ship, she may try to find some inroads elsewhere. We don’t blame her, given that Rockstar has already made it clear that Brett and Tyler are never going to want to work with her. She may just want allies elsewhere.

Granted, it’s only Wednesday morning and Bayleigh could easily choose to keep Rockstar instead right now. It’s also worth noting that Brett is trying to act like he’s seriously thinking about keeping Rockstar, but it’s completely a ruse and we have no idea why in the world anyone would think otherwise given this past eviction show.

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