The Originals series finale photo: The Mikaelsons come together

The Originals

The Originals series finale is coming to The CW early next week, and it’s pretty easy to say now that we’re in for an emotional affair. How can we not be? There are five years’ worth of story to wrap up and when you think about it, it’s really longer than that since we knew Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah back during the days of The Vampire Diaries.

Here’s the good news about the just-released photo via TVLine — it confirms that most of the Mikaelson family is actually going to make it to the series finale! That means that you’re going to be seeing the aforementioned characters plus also Hope, Kol, Freya, and her new wife Keelin. Other characters may also be featured in the finale, but these are the ones featured in the photo. Saving Hope’s life seems to be top priority for these characters at the moment and while Klaus has spent most of his life thinking largely in terms of himself, we’ve seen that philosophy change over the course of the series. He’s at least now partially interested in making sure that there is a legacy he can leave behind … which is a nice touch of irony given that Legacies is the title for the Hope-centric spin-off.

Judging from the title of that show, the one thing that we know is that Hope survives the series finale … but there isn’t much known about anyone else. If The Originals is meant to be the end of Klaus’ story, we do hope that there is a way for him to find a little bit of peace. While some may have some quibbles with the finale of The Vampire Diaries, at least one of the good things that this series managed to achieve is showing some element of happiness for its characters within the afterlife.

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Originals series finale

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