Should Hawaii Five-0 200th episode feature several returning characters?

Hawaii Five-0At some point over the course of Hawaii Five-0 season 9, the 200th episode is going to be here. That is going to be a wonderful chance to celebrate a show that has brought so much entertainment over the years, and also one that could still have a good bit of life left.

When you do have these sort of milestone episodes, there are some other questions that go along with it. Take, for example, whether or not we could see a number of returning cast members from the past. There is a case to be made for it, given that there are so many people over the years who have been responsible for the success of this show. Many of them are still here, but some others have moved on to some other things. Yet, don’t you still want to commemorate them?

If the goal is to make the 200th episode feel like a giant party, you do want to try and bring back as many different people as possible. Whether it be a Masi Oka, a Grace Park, a Michelle Borth, a Daniel Dae Kim, or many other familiar recurring faces, obviously it would great to get many of them back. Granted, that could also be very difficult for scheduling reasons and so much more — especially given that we’re still not that far removed from Park and Kim’s unfortunate exit last year. The show has done a good job recovering, but we do still miss them. There’s also a risk when it comes to bringing characters back just because some are rather polarizing.

We do think that some cameos for the 200th episode would be fun, but we think that, more so than anything, the #1 focus here should just be trying to tell the strongest, most entertaining story possible. Find a way to capture the themes of what Hawaii Five-0 has always been about: Taking down the bad guys and the big Ohana that is responsible for doing so. We watch the show for the humor, the heart, and the relationships. The crime-solving-family aspect to it is what makes it so appealing to many families all over the world. There is escapism and there is action, but then there is also fun in the end.

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