America’s Got Talent review: Joseph O’Brien, Rob Lake, & Judge Cuts #2

America's Got Talent

Tonight’s new episode of America’s Got Talent is the second Judge Cuts show of the season, and all signs point to it being a good time! After all, we’ve got some great acts and then also a great guest Judge in Olivia Munn. We love that she’s a huge fan of the show — her getting excited about the Golden Buzzer is similar to how we would react.

As with every other live review for America’s Got Talent that we offer, we will be updating this article throughout the night! Stay tuned for more.

Human Fountains – We do think that there’s a 0% chance that they win the show, but there’s something really funny about what they do. There is an element of timing and choreography to what it is that they do. Let’s just hope that all use some mouthwash once they’re done with spitting various things into each others’ mouths.

Shin Lim – Shin is a remarkable magician and someone who really should be a winner contender — though we’re not sure he will be since not everyone loves the close-up card magic. This just takes a very high degree of skill to pull something like this off without Olivia Munn, who was right in front of him, catching him.

Sophie Fatu – She is adorable, but we do think that beyond just that, she is very talented for a kid her age. We actually think that her future is more in musical theater than performing strictly as a singer, but if this show helps her to be the next Shirley Temple, we have a feeling Sophie and her family will be more than happy.

The Future Kingz – We do think that they are a fantastic dance crew for so many different reasons, from their choreography to also their personality and swagger. We do think that they need a little more innovation, but when it comes to everything from their story to personality, they have a pretty good chance of lasting a while.

Lioz Shem – We think that Lioz is really incredible with his mock magic and his odd sense of humor. We also love the fact that he comes from the Piff the Magic Dragon school of not really caring at all about what the judges have to say.

Angel City Chorale – The Golden Buzzer pick from Olivia! It’s hard to argue against the choice since they brought so much magic and passion to their performance. Also, they are clearly different from any other choir out there.

Hans – Complete nonsense. Yet, there’s a part of us that would move him on just because at least you’re going to get some great entertainment here. He’s over the top but he knows that he can run the stage.

Vivien Vajda – A really excellent performance, not that we expected anything else for one of the best jump-rope artists that the world has ever seen. To make things even more challenging, she did it on two bum ankles!

Rob Lake – The magician delivered a pretty solid performance — there was a pretty good trick at the center of it, but when it comes to being a stage magician, there is still something lacking here. Maybe it’s just the staging of it or the fact that we’ve just seen something like this before.

Joseph O’Brien – He was stopped in the middle of the performance by Simon Cowell, and he transitioned from that over to an original song. That was the right move, since this turned out to be the sort of song that people would actually buy.

Vicki Barbolak – A really great performance from Vicki to close out tonight’s show — one that was very funny, creative, and should earn her a spot in the live shows. She’s the perfect example of a comic who has fought her whole life for this moment and really deserves it.

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