The Resident character spotlight: AJ “The Raptor” Austin season 2 journey

The ResidentToward the end of season 1 of Fox’s The Resident, the writers introduced us to the character of Dr. AJ “The Raptor” Austin. When we first met him, he took us by such surprise we didn’t know what to make of him. His bold and blunt personality makes him a difficult person to work with and for patients to understand. His bedside manner is virtually nonexistent and made him intimidating and the only person who seemed to get through a few layers was Dr. Mina Okafor. Austin saw something in her and took her under his wing. Since then the two have worked closely together and we have started to see Austin loosen up a bit.

So going into season 2, how can the show use him now that the character is a series regular?

Banter between Mina and AJ – Whenever there is a scene between Mina and AJ, we know its going to be an exciting scene. AJ’s arrogant personality makes it hard for anyone on the staff to communicate with him, however, Mina can. She gives it right back to him. She challenges him and in some ways intimidates him. She makes him think and teaches him how to be a respectful human being. For example, she had begun to introduce him to proper bedside manner, so for season 2, we hope to see Mina engage in more witty banter and to see her teach him more about being more respectful to colleagues and patients.

More about AJ – Because the character was introduced later on in the season, we don’t know much about the character personally, and we want to know more. The character is very complex and one that we feel has a history to match it. There are many questions we have about the character and know that we will get answers as needed, we just hope that we learn more going into season 2 and they don’t make us wait too long!

Will he become involved in the political and bureaucratic problems? It seems like every time a new member arrives to work at the hospital, they quickly find themselves involved with the bureaucratic issues of the hospital much like Devon when he arrived on his first day. So heading into season 2, will AJ find himself in the same position? To us, it appears like he would be the last person to get involved, only stepping in after someone has made him realize that good is always right. Overall, it will be interesting to see what the writers have in store for him.

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