Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Haleigh’s campaign; JC keeps talking (day 33, evening)

HaleighWe’re starting to see day 33 wind down in the Big Brother 20 house and, with that, we’re getting a sense as to what Haleigh’s strategy will be.

Basically, what Haleigh seems to want to do is make other players feel food about themselves — with that, they in turn can feel good about her. She buttered up Brett a little bit tonight, telling him that she could a “Bro” for him if he needed an ally. She’s a good player — she’s not perfect, but she could be one of those people who gets dangerous if you leave her in there. Everyone seems to like her other than Sam (still don’t get that speech).

If some of these players were smart, however, they’d at least consider keeping Kaitlyn this week. So long as she doesn’t have power, she doesn’t have many secure allies and she has little to no chance of winning at the end.

While Haleigh is doing her part in order to butter up some other players, JC tonight is freaking out, thinking that he needs to offer his “opinion” to Faysal about what to do with the Veto. Tyler just wants him to stop pushing so hard to ensure Kaitlyn goes — basically, this is all about Tyler knowing that Sam’s power is automatically going to be used this week and Kaitlyn could come right back in. He doesn’t want to do something that blow up his game if she ends up coming right back, and knows that JC fighting so hard to make something happen (which is probably going to happen anyway) isn’t altogether great for his game.

The Veto Ceremony should be tomorrow and even still, there is no clear grasp on what Faysal will do. There’s a part of us that thinks that he could go into the Ceremony wanting to leave nominations the same only to get emotional and save Haleigh when he is in the moment.

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