Who is America? episode 3 air date; the Dick Cheney auction

There are a few different things worth getting into within this post, but let’s start with this in relation to Who is America? episode 3 — it’s still coming on next week.

Despite the Sacha Baron Cohen – Showtime series not necessarily getting off to the best ratings imaginable this past week, we do not see any signs of the network changing anything in regards to it. They’re not really promoting upcoming episodes in a way that gives a ton away, and that includes trying to even separate them individually in a press sense. There are no press releases out there in advance of some upcoming episodes other than just that it is going to be more of the same.

So, rather than focusing too much on an episode that Showtime isn’t teasing all that much in advance, let’s instead gear the conversation more towards some other headlines. If you head over to eBay, you can see that the show is selling off the “official water board kit” that was signed by Dick Cheney during one of the fake interviews. All proceeds from the sale are going to a worthy cause in Amnesty International. We know that this is a controversial show and we have a hard time thinking that this is going to change in the near future. Yet, this is an opportunity to actually allow Who is America? to pay something forward and give back to people who need some help.

We’ll see if the ratings for episode 2 and 3 end up being higher than the premiere — and if more people discovering the show. With all of this being said, we do think that the majority of the viewers for this series probably aren’t checking it out live. Instead, they are likely watching after the fact either via DVR or Showtime’s app.

What do you want to see on Who is America? episode 3, at least based on everything we’ve had a chance to see to date? Share below!

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