Claws season 2 episode 7 review: The arrest felt ’round Palmetto

ClawsAs we approached the end of Claws season 2 episode 7, it was pretty clear that something big was going to happen. After all, we had Desna and Dean preparing to go to the beach in the closing minutes, and with the way in which the show was building towards it, there was an undercurrent of unease throughout every second.

Admittedly, we thought that the show was building towards killing off Dean and having him serve as a casualty of war in what’s going on with Zlata and Gregory. After all, Desna has done enough to potentially make Gregory question how much she knows, and he could’ve gone over to Zlata to pass along information about it. Killing Dead would’ve been a way to completely devastate her and destroy whatever power she had from within.

It’s possible that Gregory and Zlata could still have some sort of connection to what happened instead in the closing minutes, as Desna was arrested for money laundering and fraud. She was carted away while Dean panicked at the site of it. It is clear that Desna has done some not-great, very-illegal things. Yet, the timing of this is very curious given that she’s not anywhere near the top of the list of people doing not-great, very-illegal things in Palmetto. She seems like a little fish to take down in a pool of many larger fish. To keep this metaphor going, something is fishy.

The arrest of Desna is the sort of event that really supersedes and overshadows almost everything that comes before it, and that includes such big stories as Bryce’s surgery, Desna trying to be celibate until her wedding to Gregory, and then also the tension erupting between Desna and Quiet Ann. Uncle Daddy also tried to draw a distinction between himself and Zlata/Gregory once it became clear what part of their plan was: Wait until after the wedding, kill her off, and then inherit her license. They had figured out a way in which they wanted to operate and they had all of the plan down to their precise specifications. Were it not for Desna being in the right place at the right time, there’s a reasonably good chance (unfortunately) that this plan could have actually worked.

CarterMatt Verdict

In terms of delivering a great finish and a story that is becoming increasingly vengeful with each passing episode, Claws season 2 remains great. This was a ridiculous episode in so many ways, but at the same time it was certainly entertaining and, at times, unexpected. If you love Claws the most when it is putting its characters through hell, odds are that this is one of your favorite installments of the entire season to date.

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