Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Sam’s replacement nominee debate (day 33, morning)

Sam BledsoeThe Veto Ceremony is coming on Big Brother 20 Monday, and at the moment, Sam has a pretty critical decision to make.

So what should she choose? There are a couple of different options that are at her disposal, provided that Faysal uses the Veto on Haleigh (which is what we expect him to do). We do think him using it on Haleigh is the best way to ensure he has a close ally moving into next week. If everyone wants Kaitlyn to leave, which seems to be the case, why stick your neck out and make yourself a target?

Sam initially told Tyler and Rachel that her plan was going to be to nominate Rockstar as a replacement nominee, but there is one issue in doing this: Rockstar could end up going home over Kaitlyn, given that there are a number of people who rub her the wrong way. Sam, however, doesn’t think that Rockstar is a threat since she’s not good in competitions. Meanwhile, she is considering nominating a pawn so that she can ensure Kaitlyn leaves. It’s a reasonably-smart plan, just because we don’t think that Kaitlyn has the ability to rally anyone to her side given that she’s already shown she will flip on her allies. Also, she plays emotionally and that’s a difficult thing to try to deal with.

No matter what Sam decides, the #1 thing that she needs to figure out over the next few days is how to wrap up her time as Head of Household without getting herself into any further trouble. She has to be rather delicate to ensure that nobody is coming after her next week. If she plays this right, she can probably get a few more weeks before anyone seriously targets her. We think it makes sense to not endanger Rockstar just because there are people in Tyler and Brett who are targeting her first and foremost. It’s a shield for her down the road, much like Tyler and Brett are on the other side. The people who are probably the safest in the game right now are people like Rachel, Bayleigh, Kaycee, and Haleigh, who seem to be really off the map as serious people to go after. (Yeah, we understand that Haleigh is currently on the block.)

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