The Gifted season 2 trailer: First look at Grace Byers’ Reeva!

Gifted episode 2Are you ready for The Gifted season 2 to premiere this fall? We think that the latest trailer is yet another cause for excitement!

When you consider that this is a TV series with a TV budget, the effects and quality of this trailer are all the more impressive. This is a great introduction to what the second season will be, as well as who one of the biggest threats is going to be moving forward: Reeva. Following her time over on another Fox series in Empire, Grace Byers is now a major part of this show as a powerful mutant survivor with a ruthless edge and a lot of clout. She’s going to use her influence to try and get what she wants, and beyond just that, she is going to have many other mutants in her corner. Every good comic-book story needs a compelling villain; we don’t know if we can officially label her just that after one trailer, but she certainly will be an antagonist of some sort.

While we understand that The Gifted may feature many lesser-known characters within the X-Men universe, we do think that the show proves you don’t need big names. A great superhero show is about originality mixed with imagination, and the first season provided that and then some. Season 2 looks to be doing more of the same, and it’s going to be intense almost from the start with Polaris giving birth and many allegiances tested. It would be troublesome enough if we were looking at a world that was humans vs. mutants. However, it’s actually even more intense than that given that the mutants are not exactly united in their own cause. This is not going to be an easy road ahead for them.

The Gifted is going to air on Fox Tuesdays this fall. Hopefully, some more news will be announced in the coming weeks.

What do you think about The Gifted season 2 trailer? Does this make you even more excited to see what’s coming up next? Be sure to share now in the comments!

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