Why a Madam Secretary – Blue Bloods crossover could actually work?

Blue Bloods season 9

We’ve spent a good bit of time over the years wondering one thing when it comes to Blue Bloods: How do you get it more involved in the greater CBS universe?

Really, crossovers are in a lot of ways a pipe dream, and something that sounds much better on paper than it actually turns out to be within the story itself. That’s something that we’ve seen with so many shows over time and the last think you want to do is force one in. Is it true, though, that there is a little bit of room on Blue Bloods for risk-taking? Sure, at least in that you’ve got 22 episodes a season; if one doesn’t work, there are still 21 other ones that are potentially good that allow you to make up for it.

Ultimately, we do think that we’ve found the perfect show to do a Blue Bloods crossover with, one that tonally matches the show and carries with it similar messages. Here’s a hope: It’s the show mentioned in the title for this article.

When you look at Madam Secretary as a series, it’s clear that this is a show with a significant number of merits. For starters, it’s a fantastic drama about a character in a very powerful position trying to solve problems every single week that are rarely ever cut-and-dry. Elizabeth McCord often has a different approach to solving problems than Frank Reagan, but both parties really set out to do some of the work that they do with the same goals: Compromise, and trying to make it so that the problem does not persist in the end. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, but they always try to make it better.

Beyond just this, you’re also talking here about two shows that spend a lot of time looking at family. Each shows features typically at least a few scenes that are focused on the relationships between the characters; the family at the center of Madam Secretary is smaller, but the show utilizes a similar approach. We think that in some ways the Reagans and McCords would get along, not that we think that we’d see the entire casts of both shows within a single crossover. Our feeling instead is that the story for such an episode would be based on Elizabeth and maybe Henry going to New York for some sort of pivotal meeting, and running into a problem that could use the NYPD’s help. We could see Elizabeth and Frank speaking at a press conference while Jamie and Eddie work to help protect them in the streets. If there’s a specific crime around them that needs to be investigated, then you can bring in Danny and Baez.

Do you think that a Blue Bloods – Madam Secretary crossover could be incredibly fun? Share in the comments!

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