Quantico season 3 episode 11: What happened to Owen? Also, the extradition?

QuanticoTonight, Quantico season 3 episode 11 aired what felt very much like a spy movie, and one that, in turn, was the culmination of what we’ve seen so far this season. Conor Devlin was involved, lives were on the line, and of course there were some twists.

Take, for example, Alex being pushed to the brink at the end of the episode with some revelations regarding Devlin running the human-trafficking operation. To go beyond just that, she was left with a choice that could have had her gunning a man in Garrett down in the midst of her own rage. When he started to struggle, though, she ended up pulling the trigger. It may not have been entirely intentional within that moment, but it still was the end result.

As for Shelby, Harry, and others, they were able to rescue some of the people who were trafficked in. Unfortunately, in the process of all of this Devlin’s extradition to Ireland was approved. There wasn’t a whole lot of evidence to connect him to human trafficking and with that, Conor may very well get what he wants now. What does that mean? Basically, it could put the entire team in a position where they are desperate to keep him from going away. While he would still be going to a prison in Ireland, the problem there was simply that he wouldn’t be with them. They wouldn’t be able to stop him or control operations close to him anywhere near that easy.

Oh, and did we mention that earlier in the episode, Owen was shot? We’re still waiting to learn precisely what his fate is going to be — we do think that he’s going to make it through (they probably would’ve shown him dead otherwise), but this is still a touch-and-go sort of situation.

Coming out of this episode, there were fundamentally many answers that we still need; one chapter of the final story is over, but there are still two more to come.

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