Take Two episode 5 review: Saving Seamus Dever & the best hour yet

Seamus Dever

Tonight’s new episode of Take Two was probably the best bit of Castle synergy you could have possibly hoped for. The show is created by the one-two punch of Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller, and to go along with that former Castle series regular Seamus Dever was a prominent guest star tonight as Todd.

The basic premise of this episode was fairly easy to follow: Todd was a guy who hired a hitman to kill him on the dark web, thinking that this would allow his family to get insurance money before he eventually died of cancer. However, he found out after the fact that he didn’t actually have cancer and he was going to die for no reason. Thanks to Eddie and Sam they were able to thwart the hitman, but as it turns out, there was another problem: Someone else wanted Todd die. This led, in turn, to Todd having to fake his own death to figure out who started to exhibit some strange behavior.

While it was pretty dark for 8:00 p.m. family TV, there was something really funny and/or twisted about seeing Todd attend his own future sporting a fake beard and a disguise. Dever’s comic energy is one of the major reasons why all this worked, just because he was so eager and game to play around in this particular world. While none of the characters were the same, including his own, this felt very much like a welcome blast from the past.

We weren’t so concerned about whether or not the case would be resolved, mostly because that is the appeal of Take Two — the bad guys always get caught in the end. The real unpredictable part of the episode was unraveling the potential conspiracy that led to someone wanting Todd dead, and some of the danger that he repeatedly found himself in leading up to the end of the hour.

How was everything resolved?

Even after faking his death, it turned out that someone still tried to find a way to kill Todd. As a matter of fact, they came very close to doing so. It turns out it wasn’t someone about the corporate conspiracy; instead, it was his own brother in Hugh who did it out of a desire to take over his life and fill a void that he never could.

For Sam and Eddie, they had a nice little moment at the end of the episode where she did something nice for him — potentially rekindling his love of surfing. We’ll see whether or not that happens.

CarterMatt Verdict

What we appreciate is that the series does continue to find ways to use Sam’s fame that are different from any it’s done before. Take, for example, Sam threatening the company involved in the potential conspiracy using her social-media platforms as leverage. Take Two is a fun show, and having Seamus Dever around for one week brought back some great memories of the Castle days of old.

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