Why isn’t Shadowhunters at San Diego Comic-Con this year?

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersFollowing the panel at San Diego Comic-Con last year, why isn’t Shadowhunters coming back for another go? We’re sure that this is a question floating around out there, and with the convention really getting underway now, this feels like the right time to take it on.

After all, it does feel like there are a few different reasons as to why fans this year at the convention are getting snubbed. Some may have to do with production, and others may have to do some less-exciting things like money and timing.

Production schedules – As many diehard fans of Shadowhunters likely know, production just started on the final two episodes of season 3 in Toronto. Given that some of the cast flew out last week and then also flew over to Italy for a convention there, trying to get them back to San Diego again for Comic-Con is quite an ordeal. They have to do work at some point on the show! You could argue that they could have delayed the start of filming, but that may have not been feasible for various reasons. We’re not going to pretend that we’re experts on the precisely schedules of every single cast and crew member.

Timing – Given that there are no episodes coming up at the moment for Shadowhunters, it doesn’t make sense for Freeform or producers to get the cast to San Diego. There is also a precedent for shows not appearing at Comic-Con if they don’t have anything to promote in the coming months. For example, we’re not seeing shows like Game of Thrones, Outlander, or Gotham there in a complete capacity. The same goes for Lucifer, though star Tom Ellis will be a part of a panel alongside Gotham star David Mazouz. Sometimes, shows opt to go to New York Comic-Con instead. We’ve seen Shadowhunters do that in the past (this isn’t the first year it’s missed SDCC), and that makes some sense given the close proximity of Toronto to New York and also the promotional window for new episodes.

Money – It costs money to make conventions happen, and it also costs money to fly and the cast, publicists, security, and other people out there. Conventions like Comic-Con are very different than the show-specific conventions like the one in Italy. With the show set to end its run on Freeform next year, it remains unclear if anyone will foot the bill for a major convention like this moving forward. We hope that they will, mostly because we’re still looking for a season 4 pickup elsewhere.

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