The Originals season 5 episode 11: Elijah and Andrea’s story

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While we know that The Originals season 5 episode 11 had a wonderful wedding sequence featuring Keelin and Freya, it also had Elijah and Andrea.

What we learned tonight was that in the time in which Elijah lost his memories, he actually saw Hayley, using another name that was very much real to her. The two had an experience there — it was magical in its own way and it was ending. Yet, it was also painful, and that pain transferred into Elijah’s confusion and shock upon seeing Hayley this season right before her death. This episode brought out all of the emotions, but we were also rather thrilled to have a chance to see Phoebe Tonkin again.

Still, it’s really hard to swallow the fact that Elijah knew who Hayley was, at least in some form, and he still chose to let her perish. This is not what we wanted for Elijah so many years before.

Then, there is the letter, which “Andrea” wrote to him that was a part of the story right before the wedding. There must have been closure to this, which is why Elijah decided to attend the ceremony.

The wedding

For most of the episode, there was some drama as to whether or not we were going to see it happen. After all, Freya made it very clear that she had no interest in having children and that was a pretty clear point of contention between them. Yet, Freya needed to learn to bend and be open.

Once the issue was resolved, Freya’s wedding came to pass and it was absolutely lovely. Klaus and Elijah walked Freya down the line, we had lovely vows, and apparently Kol used the power of the internet to serve as the officiant for the ceremony. This was rather lovely, impromptu, and a nice escape from all the dying.

There was a part of us that made us think that, by the end of this episode, someone was going to be murdered brutally — even though it was set in part around a wedding reception. Heck, there was even a part of us that felt like the show was going to ax either Keelin or Freya just because television is cruel.

Thankfully, the didn’t happen, though it’s also clear that there is some other drama with Hope. Her problems with dark magic aren’t going away, and it doesn’t seem like anyone in New Orleans is going to be able to help all that much. This is where things are going to go moving into next week, where we will be seeing Klaus make a return to Mystic Falls in order to find another way to help her. Think of this in some ways as your introduction to what Legacies could be. (The big twist is that Klaus isn’t telling Hope, at least for now, what her problems will be.)

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