Big Brother 20 episode 10 review: The Mamma Mia episode

Big Brother 20 premiereTonight, Big Brother 20 episode 10 had the challenge of trying to tell a compelling narrative when it was pretty clear from the moment Scotty won the Veto that he wasn’t going to use it.

How did they do that? In part, by leaning heavily on the product placement and some of the comedy that came from that. Mamma Mia!: Here I Go Again is apparently one of the sponsors this year, so we briefly went to a fake version of the Greek Isles to watch everyone get really dizzy and then stack champagne glasses. Insofar as product placement goes, this was actually a fairly fun, reasonably balanced challenge that didn’t offer up any particular player a huge advantage over anyone else. It was, by and large, a fairly level playing field.

The best part of this competition was seeing Winston, about midway through, suddenly decided that the right strategy for this challenge was to charge at the champagne like a bull and think that this would work.

As for the only major storyline tonight, Kaitlyn was Kaitlyn. She was loud, she was opinionated, she had “visions,” and by the end of the episode, she found herself in a confrontation with Brett and Winston over the two of them throwing her under the bus to Scottie. Let’s be clear here: Scottie outing what those bros did to her was a brilliant move because it basically pushed her away from all of Level 6 and more closely to his own alliance. It was all the clearer that she made a dumb move getting rid of Swaggy C when she really shouldn’t have.

Once we got on the other side of this, there wasn’t much else to be said at the Veto Ceremony — other than Brett deciding to some weird, anti-Kaitlyn shtick just because he can. The show can always rely on Kaitlyn for some drama, and then also players like Winston and Brett making things harder on themselves in the long-term, no matter which one of them ends up staying. (One thing we do have to side: Why are Brett and Winston shirtless for the Veto Ceremony?)

The JC problem

Here’s one of the big issues that we’ve got with what Big Brother 20 is doing in the episodes themselves: Painting JC as a complete goofball and the life of the party. They’re not showing any of the nasty stuff, and we’re not just talking about the n-word incident that happened after the events of tonight’s episode.

Ultimately, we don’t think that the guy is well-liked anywhere near as much as the show presents him to be.

CarterMatt Verdict

JC issues aside, tonight’s episode actually did have a few good moments — in general, this is a good season with some pretty good characters.

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