Big Brother 20 live feeds: JC’s n-word controversy and a tipping point

JC MonduixAnother day, another situation on Big Brother 20 that is taking away from the enjoyment of the game. Given what happened with JC Mounduix previously, it’s hard to be shocked that he finds himself at the center of controversy once more.

This time around, JC’s latest problem comes via a terrible word that he used in the house in the midst of a discussion with Bayleigh. In it, he was trying to speak to her about the proper words to use for someone with dwarfism, and compared a certain word that starts with an M to calling an African-American person the n-word. He said the actual word, though. Bayleigh’s response was quick, proclaiming that this was a word he could not say. The feeds cut quickly after that.

There are some obvious comparisons that you can make between what JC said and what happened recently with Papa John, who later stepped down from his position as Chairman after using the n-word in relationship to what Colonel Sanders supposedly said. Our take on all of this is rather simple: It’s not that hard to avoid using the n-word in a conversation, and when people use it in this sense, it almost feels like there are certain instances in which it can used that wipe them of any responsibility for using it. Life doesn’t work like that, and it doesn’t matter your context or your point. If you truly feel that the word is derogatory, you can not say it and work to filter it out of vocabulary further. This is not shock value; it’s simply terrible and another dark cloud on the game.

As for what production could do with JC next, we’re actually somewhat curious given that they supposed warned contestants that there would be larger consequences after some past incidents in the game, including ones related to JC, Angela, and Rachel. JC is not a one-time offender now and while this may be a different sort of offense than sexual misconduct, it’s still an offense. The ball is in their court on this one, but we know that production doesn’t like having headlines out there about racial slurs in the midst of what is a game. It ruins the competitive fun of the season.

We’ll see if there are any further ramifications; for now, the game goes on. Brett and Winston are on the block and, at least for now, Winston is going home.

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