Nashville season 6 episode 15 video: Maddie, Twig, Alannah, & Brad

What’s coming up on Nashville season 6 episode 15? This is the penultimate episode of the series, and it’s clear there is a lot to be resolved.

It’s also clear, at least to us, that there are some stories that really need to be resolved sooner rather than later, and one of these big stories has to deal with what’s going on at the moment with Alannah and Brad. It’s uncomfortable, largely because of A) Brad’s history and B) not knowing entirely what the endgame here for Alannah really is. Is she just trying to lure Brad into a false sense of security before she exposes him as an all-around horrible person? That’s what we’re hoping since otherwise, this is not good for anyone. It also seems very counter-intuitive to what’s going on in the world today.

Also, the way in which Brad comes out after the end of the recording session in the first sneak peek is very much creepy.

As for the second video, this one is all about Maddie and Twig figuring out if there is anything left for them in the aftermath of all that’s transpired as of late with Jonah. Basically, Jonah finds himself in a very tricky spot now, given that he spent much of the past few years of his life as a professional groupie-of-sorts. Now, he’s on his own and doesn’t quite know how to handle it, and beyond that there are some clear feelings that he has for Maddie.

Of the two stories featured here, the Maddie one feels like the one that can be continued the easiest moving into the finale, largely because she is so important to Deacon and we don’t think her life is suddenly going to be resolved by the time we get around to that.

What do you want to see when it comes to Nashville season 6 episode 15? Share some of your thoughts right now below!

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