Blue Bloods 200th episode: When could it air on CBS?

Blue Bloods season 9

All of a sudden, we think there is a whole lot of incentive for there to be a Blue Bloods season 10 over at CBS. Why? It basically guarantees that there will be a 200th episode.

Here’s where we are right now. Unless something changes (which it hasn’t over the past few years), season 9 is going to run for 22 episodes. That’s the standard episode order for most primetime drama series, though we’ve seen some networks be a little bit more flexible with it over the past few years. If Blue Bloods season 9 runs for that long, we’re going to be brought to the 199th episode by the time we get to the season 9 finale. 199. That’s painful, and it’s reminiscent of Criminal Minds ending season 13 with episode #299. That’s almost a dare to have more episodes ordered.

If Blue Bloods gets renewed for a season 10 — which all signs suggest it will be, when you consider the ratings (at least so long as everyone wants to return) — it would kick off with the 200th episode. That’s a chance to both celebrate the Reagans and do a lot of really cool stuff with them. Add to the milestone the fact that it’s the premiere, and it could be one of the biggest episodes of the entire series. (Let’s just hope that it’s not notable in a depressing way like we saw in the season 8 premiere.)

In the event something super-crazy/shocking goes down and Blue Bloods is not renewed for more episodes, we hope that CBS is going to figure out a way in which to order a 23rd episode this season just to get it to that marker. We understand that episode numbers are really just arbitrary, but we think they do mean something to a lot of fans out there who care about these characters and find themselves continually rooting for them. With Blue Bloods in particular, this is a show about family and it feels like many of these characters have become a part of our family over the past almost-decade.

Blue Bloods season 9 premieres on CBS come Friday, September 28 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

What do you want to see on a potential Blue Bloods 200th episode, and are you thinking about it already? Share below!

(Photo: CBS.)

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