The Sinner season 2 debate: Who is Julian, and what’s his purpose?

The sinner season 2As we get closer to the launch of The Sinner season 2 on August 1, we’re going to, in turn, take a look at a number of different characters / their role in the story.

To be specific, today we’re putting the focus on a young man by the name of Julian, someone you’ve probably heard about extensively through the promotional campaign for the show but never explicitly by name. Julian is the accused murderer at the heart of the new case, and it doesn’t seem as though he is doing all that much in order to hide it.

Despite being just a kid, Julian is accused of committing some rather unspeakable acts, including poisoning and consequently killing his parents. Why do that? This is the fundamental focus of the upcoming season, and that in turn is why we are going to see a visit from Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose to the scene of the crime — a small town that he knows very well from his own history. He has personal connections around just about every corner there and his experiences could further some of the questions that he has about this case. If this is, at least per his recollection, a sleepy, somewhat-chaste small town, how could something like this come to pass there? Who would ever allow such an action? We’re hoping that the episodes allow for an explanation, but one that deviates wildly from what we had in the first season. A big part of the intrigue with The Sinner is figuring out the jagged line that gets you between point A and point B. Things never quite follow the pattern in which you would expect.

You can see more of Julian in a new sneak peek over at Entertainment Weekly — he doesn’t say much,but this is where the dynamic between him and Ambrose on the series seems to first materialize.

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