The Vampire Chronicles: Hulu developing the 11-book series to the small screen

HuluHulu has put in development the popular book series, The Vampire Chronicles, from Anne Rice.

According to Deadline, The Vampire Chronicles began with Interview with the Vampire, which introduced the world to Louis, “a French colonial aristocrat in 18th century New Orleans who is turned into an undead bloodsucker by the charismatic and dangerous Lestat.” This book was turned into the popular movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Its sequel, The Vampire Lestat, made the character more central making him the main protagonist. The rest of the series focused on him and his adventures as well as the origin of vampires. Later in the series the character even has an encounter with the devil, Satan, himself. Rice has recently published another installment in which the character travels to the mythical city of Atlantis.

Overall, the series has plenty to play with for the series. With 11 books there will be things taken out and events will be modified in order to be able to tell a story at a decent rate and given that Hulu has given most series a standard 8-11 episode order, and with that events in the books might happen sooner than fans would think.

For example, Starz’s fan favorite seroes, Outlander is based off of a book and there have been events left out or sped up in order to fit everything the writers deem important in that particular season. The Vampire Chronicles will act in a similar way. In our opinion, we believe this is better than not having enough to tell a story. If the series was only 3 books long later down the line the writers might have to start adding events in order to keep the show going with the possibility of the show drifting away from the series, which many book fans hate. However, this isn’t the case.

Paramount TV and Anonymous Content will also be associated to the project. Anne Rice’s son, Christopher Rice will serve as executive producer along his mother and Anonymous Content’s David Kanter and Steve Golin. So far there is no word on who will replace Bryan Fuller as showrunner. Fuller has exited the project.

The Vampire Chronicles has yet to announce a production start date or any cast member, but as soon as we have more information we will share it with you.

This article was written by Samantha D’ Amico. If you want to follow her Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: Hulu.)

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