The Resident season 2: what’s ahead for Dr. Randolph Bell?

Dr. BellThroughout Season 1 of Fox’s medical drama The Resident, Dr. Randolph Bell was the villain. The opening scene of the first episode showed Bell in the operating room having made such a horrible mistake that the patient died due to his error. In an attempt to keep his perfect reputation intact, he ordered his staff to blame the mistake on a medical condition that patient did not actually have. From then on, fans knew this doctor wouldn’t be one of the good ones. As the season continued, fans learned from Dr. Conrad Hawkins that what happened in the premiere episode was not the first time the Chief of Surgery Dr. Bell had made a mistake because of a tremor in his hand.

Conrad and Bell butt heads, and while Conrad can be cocky, he’s so talented that fans don’t mind it. With Bell, he doesn’t know appear to know much when battling with Conrad and it angers him. This is without mentioning that Bell assumed the position as CEO of the hospital after using his treacherous skills to get him there. Now with having looked like the good guy because he sent Dr. Lane Hunter to jail, he faces an enemy he didn’t know he would face; Conrad’s father and Chairmen of the Board.

So going into Season 2, what’s ahead for Dr. Bell?

Bell vs Marshall Winthrop – While Marshall may have a soft spot for his son, Conrad, after he bailed Nic out of jail, we can’t help but feel as though he isn’t one of the good guys. His face gives off the impression that he is hiding a secret agenda and that it’s going to change the hospital in a major way. Bell has always been able to hide his mistakes, but with Marhsall as his new boss this may be the ultimate challenge for him. In the season finale when Bell realized who the new chairmen was, he suddenly realized that he was losing a grip on his power that he had managed to build for himself. For years, he had been able to hold a position that gave him the power he wanted and that allowed him to work the way he wanted. However, in Season 2 we sense that Bell will do just about anything to hold onto his power, even if it means sacrificing someone else’s career or life for it.

Bell’s tremor – So far, Bell has been able to hide his secret from his colleagues and patients, but we believe that this just might be another obstacle our cowardly villain will continue to face. One other person knows about it, but eventually it will see the light of day, particularly if the hospital opens up former cases to make sure there have been no other mistakes after Hunter’s disgraced practice fell apart and she went to jail. If that happens, prepare to see Bell try and cover his tracks.

Overall, while Dr. Bell is a hated Doctor more concerned with his reputation, we do love this character because he brings so much to the show. He showcases the difference between a medical show about doctors and their intertwining lives, and also a medical show more realistic than we prefer to believe. We cannot wait to see what stories will be told during Season 2.

The Resident returns on September 24 on Fox. For more news related to The Resident, be sure to visit this link.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: Fox.)

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