Shadowhunters season 3 filming resumes, per Harry Shum Jr.

Shadowhunters season 3 premiereYesterday, we teased that Shadowhunters season 3 episode 21 filming was ramping up in Toronto; now, we’ve got more evidence of that very thing.

In a post on Twitter (see below), Harry Shum Jr. confirms that he is back on set telling Magnus’ story, one that is going to be taken in some powerful directions moving forward in the wake of the sacrifices he made. We’re gearing up for a very personal plot for him in the second part of season 3 — what happens in the two episodes being filmed right now will likely be tied to the events of season 3 episode 20, which was originally written to be the season 3 finale.

Will there be happiness for Malec sprinkled in there somewhere? We absolutely hope so given that they’ve been through a lot and so clearly deserve it.

One thing we also love about Shum’s message here is that he doesn’t designate what he’s working on as the series finale. He only notes it as the finale, which is a little more ambiguous and hopeful. Unfortunately, we don’t believe that he or anyone else on the Shadowhunters set knows more than we do in the media about the show’s future. Everything is very much tight-lipped at the moment. All discussions and the like are happening behind the scenes and we want to believe that some fantastic effort is being made. It may not produce results, but the writing team is crafting these final episodes in a way that there can be more on the other side of them. They want there to be some closure if this does turn out to be the end; yet, they want to also leave the door open so a season 4 has some room to play around.

These final season 3 episodes of Shadowhunters are currently slated to premiere in 2019 alongside the ten-episode season 3B. Once we’ve got some more information on the subject of the series’ future, we’ll have that for you here.

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