Big Brother 20 episode 9 review: Bayleigh’s Identity Theft power explained

BayleighTonight, Big Brother 20 episode 9 brought you a number of different things, including some that haven’t been on the show all that much. Take, for example, Faysal being really annoyed at JC for his bizarre interpretation of facts; or, Brett and Winston’s epic bromance. There were a lot of shenanigans tonight and, unfortunately, more of Brett talking about his mustache. We actually think that Brett could be decent in the event that Winston wasn’t around, but that isn’t happening.

As most of you who watch the live feeds know already, Winston and Brett are now on the block and one of the two of them is going to be going home at the end of the week.

The best information that we got tonight was some more information when it comes to Bayleigh’s Identify Theft power. What it means is that at some point before the final eight, Bayleigh can overtake the HoH and make secret nominations. She can’t name the replacement nominee, but this is still a really powerful app that could shake things up moving forward. She didn’t want to use it this week, mostly because there was no reason to.

As for Haleigh’s crap app, we’re already seeing what’s happening with that on the live feeds as she is having to wander around and read out various lines of Shakespeare. It’s really quite funny, and one of the best punishments that we’ve seen so far this season.

The nomination ceremony

This is the only other thing that we didn’t see on the live feeds from the episode, but we knew what we were going to see during it. We were just hoping for some sort of fireworks when it comes to the commentary. He was also pretty blunt and articulate when it comes to his reasoning for the nominations — they were big threats in the game and we knew that if those two guys stuck around, he would not be able to move forward.

The funny thing is seeing Brett say that Scottie made some sort of huge mistake after the fact, as though he was actually going to take Scottie to the end in the event he didn’t do something like this. Scottie is in big danger next week, but Scottie was in a lot of danger last week, as well. Nothing has really changed in the department.

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