Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Haleigh’s Hamlet punishment and more (day 26, afternoon)

HaleighThis afternoon in the Big Brother 20 house, there are many people who have a chance to be “entertained” (if you want to look at it that way) with a reading. What’s the book in question? Hamlet.

As a part of her Crap App punishment Haleigh has to don a Shakespearean style dress and read the classic work of William Shakespeare for an extended period of time. Yet, we’re not allowed to see it on the feeds for some reason. Given that the play is public domain at this point, why not put it on the live feeds? We understand wanting to keep some surprises for the show, but given that we pay to see these it feels like something that would be cool to actually watch. On Big Brother Canada, we recognize that the feeds are free and with that, we don’t have similar expectations. (Update: They’ve now shown a little of it, though not as much as we would’ve liked.)

Anyhow, it seems as though Haleigh is actually enjoying her punishment on some level, which seems to be very much against whatever the original goal of this punishment was. In the end, though, we think Big Brother really proves that if you leave people alone for an extended enough period of time, they are in a situation in which almost anything can seem exciting. Even Shakespeare, and to think most of these players are not altogether literary.

As for strategy, right now it appears as though Scottie will not use the Power of Veto and, in turn, Brett is going to go home. While Kaitlyn is trying to plant seeds in order to keep it from happening, the general consensus at the moment is that he’s too threatening of a player and because of that, it benefits most of the players if he is removed from the game. (Also worth noting, there are some working at the moment towards splitting Kaitlyn away from Tyler — basically, she’s probably going to be one of the first women to leave the game.)

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