Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Winston, Brett pitch to Scottie (day 26, morning)

Winston HinesWe said yesterday that Winston and Brett were going to make an epic pitch attempt to Scottie in the Big Brother 20 house with one purpose. Basically, what they’re trying to do is figure out a final three deal so that they can each stay and try to run the table with him moving forward. Brett and Winston are both on the block right now and if nothing changes, one of them is going to head home.

We do think that Winston and Brett tried their best with this pitch, knowing that they don’t have many other options. We do think that there’s something smart about having a secret alliance, as well.

Yet, their attempt at a pact here is so full of holes that it’s hard to imagine it ever working. As Scottie pointed out, for starters, there isn’t a lot of reason for him to want a final three deal with two people who are always going to take each other over him. Meanwhile, he also realizes that there is very little way to keep this quiet. If he takes down Brett, which is the proposed plan, everyone is going to be aware that something is awry. Scottie is in a position with these nominations that he cannot deviate all that much from his predetermined plan. If he does, it’s going to not only screw up his game, but probably not help Winston and Brett all that much in the long-term either.

What Winston and Brett need to start realizing now is that they gotta let each other go. The surviving member of this duo has a chance to go really far in this game since they won’t be anywhere near as dangerous. Based on some conversation from Rockstar and her side of the house, Tyler is the primary target but there is a willingness to also go after Sam. Meanwhile, Tyler wants out Rockstar and will probably influence others to do his bidding if given an opportunity. Scottie just wasn’t going to do that since he wasn’t interested in letting the house get too imbalanced on one side.

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