Beyond NCIS: Los Angeles season 10, what’s the long-term future?

NCIS: Los AngelesAs we get into NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 this fall, we’re going to be at a time in which we start to ask some further questions about the future of the series. After all, ten seasons is a long time for anyone to do just one thing, especially a crime show with a good 22-24 episodes a season.

With that in mind, it seems fair to now ask the question: Are we getting near the end of the road? How many more stories are left to tell here?

In theory, NCIS: Los Angeles is a show that can last for a really long time still, largely because there is no firm end date to many of the stories that are being told. There are always going to be bad guys and reasons for the entire NCIS: Los Angeles team to exit. We don’t really think that there is any reason at all to question that.

However, at the same time you do also have to look at the ratings and be cognizant of the fact that they’ve dropped over the past year. Sure, there are some reasons for that including some not-so-great lead-ins and tricky scheduling, but we’re not sure how much CBS cares about that. They also have to be aware that this is a show with an ever-increasing price tag the longer that the core cast stays on board. Yet, the trade-off there is if you lose too many of the expensive main players, all of a sudden you may lose a lot of fans. It’s a delicate trade-off.

We don’t think that NCIS: Los Angeles is going to have a run as long as the original NCIS, mostly because that show delivers higher ratings still moving into season 16 and it’s clearly got a head start. Yet, we do think that there could be at least a few more seasons left in NCIS: LA depending on if they can keep the main cast and if there are still stories that they feel are compelling.

The one thing that we want more so than anything else with this show is a chance to have a worthy final season, no matter when it is. One of the things that we’re still bitter about when it comes to CBS is how they did CSI: Miami kind of dirty in not allowing it to have a great ending after so many years on the air. We don’t want the same thing to happen here!

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