Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Nomination Ceremony results (day 24)

Big Brother 20 premiereThe week 3 nomination ceremony took place in the Big Brother house early this evening, and we knew entering it there would be fireworks.

In the hours leading up to the ceremony, the plan for Scottie was to nominate Brett and Winston, mostly in that he felt as though this was the sort of thing that needed to be done in order to shake-up the game in a dramatic way. He was right in that they are a powerful duo, but we do think that Scottie has given Brett too much credit for being a good gameplayer than he really deserves. Really, it feels like he is getting him confused with Tyler, someone who is actually a good game-player and really running the game.

Ultimately, though, Scottie went with his plan in hoping to divide up the two bros — which should, in turn, improve his own odds of sticking around in the game. He was apparently pretty clear with his reasoning for the nominations with both Brett and Winston, making it clear that he’s not into doing any backdoors and will just nominate his targets right away. Winston’s the more bitter of the two, going on about how Scottie voted to keep him and his lying about it. (That’s technically true, but we don’t know how complaining about it is going to help all that much in the present.)

The Veto will likely be tomorrow, and given that Scottie seems to want Brett out more than Winston, there’s probably a little more urgency for him to win the necklace.

As reported earlier, Bayleigh has received the Power App for the week while Haleigh has the Crap App — it’s something that involves reading, but it feels like the general purpose with these is to be comedic and not so much detrimental to anyone’s game. We think that Faysal really got it the worst, having to eat all of that vegan ham for so many days over the course of the first week.

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