Take Two season 1 episode 5: Castle alum Seamus Dever set to guest star

Take TWo premiere ratingsGreat news Castle fans, Seamus Dever is set to guest star on Take Two for the season’s fifth episode. The episode is titled “Death Becomes Him” and Dever will play a man who hired a hitman to kill him. Now we know what you’re thinking: Ummm what? It’s a very interesting concept and frankly we are intrigued as to why someone would want a hitman to kill him and then hires Sam and Eddie to help him terminate his contract. While this seems simple in theory, nothing is ever that simple. Something is undoubtedly going to go wrong. As the trailer below shows you, an explosion takes place outside Eddie and Sam’s office. However, they aren’t sad because as they unzipped the body bag, their client is very much alive and the pair sarcastically say congratulate him on being dead. The trouble now is figuring who really wants him dead.

Again, the concept and story of this episode is fun and interesting. Someone obviously wants Seamus Dever’s character dead. But who? While that question will ultimately be answered by Sam and Eddie at the end of the episode, we can start to think about why? Is Sam and Eddie’s client involved with a gang, with drug dealers, or does he work for a company that’s involved in illegal activities? Anything is possible because there are many directions to take this story that can authentic or believable. Either way fans are in for a fun episode.

In addition, to the case-of-the-week, we are also still not over that scene between Eddie and Detective Christine Rollins where she turned down his offer to come over to her place because she believes Eddie isn’t being honest with himself about his feelings for Sam. Rollins tells him that Sam brings something out in him she hasn’t seen in a long time. We could tell from Eddie’s face that he hadn’t even realized this himself, and he was definitely a realization moment for him. For fans, it was unexpected to see this conversation during season 1 and have it be so blunt. Normally, we don’t see these kind of direct conversations until later down the road. However, creators Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller have decided to bring it in now, which for us, greatly pegs our interest. The pair could be trying to switch things up from their previous fan-favorite show, Castle, because they don’t want fans to know what they have in mind. They want to keep us guessing and we definitely appreciate that.

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