Big Brother 20 review: Was Swaggy C evicted in episode 8?

SwaggyGoing into Big Brother 20 episode 8, we knew that there was a chance to see some interesting drama. After all, Swaggy C was set to go home entering the live show and, knowing him, we knew that he was not going to go down without a fight.

This is, after all, the biggest appeal for Swaggy as a character — he doesn’t give up.

Yet, here’s the thing that is so weird about this: Kaitlyn is claiming to be the sobbing victim in all of this because of what she had to do, even though Swaggy wasn’t actually going to be coming after her anytime soon. How is she getting all of the sympathy over the guy going home? It’s so weird, especially since Swaggy didn’t even do all of the stuff he was accused of.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff — the eviction itself. For some reason, Brett looks like a Miami Vice character; meanwhile, Swaggy encouraged everyone to fight hard and to actually try to play the game. It was a good speech! Not the sort of speech that inspires a lot of love, but a great speech nonetheless.

Given that there wasn’t a whole lot of drama on the feeds going into the vote, we didn’t expect much from the vote. Yet, Scottie VOTED SWAGGY OUT — while calling him his actual name in “Chris” — while wearing Swaggy’s shirt.

Swaggy’s exit interview was entertaining, though it was also certainly petty with him refusing to give Tyler a whole lot of credit — and he also through gasoline on the fire when it comes to the Kaitlyn – boyfriend drama that was starting to cool off in turns of headlines. He did say that he loved Bayleigh, though, and that’s actually rather sweet.

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New Head of Household Competition

This was a classic true/false memory competition where everyone saw a mock Pineapple commercial, complete with Steve Jobs impersonation. This takes a TON of focus and eventually, it came down to a tie-breaker between Rachel and Scottie. Scottie is the new Head of Household! For the sake of pure randomness, this is great news for the season since it adds an unexpected dimension. He’s really a free agent and can use this week in order to pick some targets and make some real moves in the game.

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