Code Black season 3 episode 12 review: Did Leanne find Ariel?

Code Black LogoCode Black season 3 episode 12 is the penultimate episode of the season and just the thought of that alone is rather emotional. It’s not the most pleasing thing in the world to know that there’s only one more episode left — potentially ever, given that there is no confirmation that another network is picking it up after CBS’ cancellation.

Basically, tonight was another reminder of precisely what CBS or another network would be missing — a powerful show with great stories and memorable characters to tell them. There was tragedy in the form of a young mother dying at the same time that her newborn baby was born. Meanwhile, there was also tremendous hardship as Ethan Willis’ strong-willed nature, plus him spiraling with Rox in jeopardy, led to him being ushered away and put into psychiatric hold. As you started to see the visions at the end of the episode, it was clear that Ethan needed serious help and it was devastating.

Then, there was also Leanne doing everything that she could in order to find Ariel after her disappearance at the end of this episode. She was desperate to get any help she possibly could, which is probably why she was especially grateful to have a little bit of help in the form of Max’s father, who agreed to take part. It was painful for him, but the two were able to figure out that Ariel may have run off to be around someone named Joy. This was a difficult search, especially since it led them to a homeless community.

Unfortunately, the end of the episode didn’t offer up all that much in the way of conclusions. We still don’t know whether or not Leanne is going to find her Ariel. At least we know that Rox is okay!

Also, we should point out that Noa tonight finally did tell Mario about her job offer elsewhere, something that could lead into her departure at the end of the season. If there ever is a season 4, it’s hard to know for sure if we’d see her again … but that’s something to focus on down the line.

CarterMatt Verdict

Code Black season 3 episode 12 fulfilled a recent but wonderful tradition for the series: Delivering smart, powerful medical stories that were about the patients as much as the doctors. Good luck trying to not tear up at the end of the hour when you learned that the late mother at the center of Noa’s case named her baby after her own mom.

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