The Save Shadowhunters movement shows international strength on July 9

Shadowhunters season 3 castWe already knew that the movement to save Shadowhunters was global, but today is a rather wonderful reminder of precisely how global it really is.

If you want to get some more information on what we’re talking about here, it’s really rather simple. All you have to do is go over to Twitter and enter the hashtag #ShadowhuntersInternational to see beautiful photos of fans holding up signs proclaiming their love for the show from all over the world, whether it be in Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, and of course here in the United States.

What’s the objective with this particular hashtag? It’s a way to show more just how much this show is beloved all over the world, and in turn the sheer number of fans who stand to be let down in the event that Shadowhunters does not end up finding a home somewhere else. At the moment, we would say that the future for the series is very much up in the air still — Freeform canceled it last month and while there technically hasn’t been a whole lot of movement since, we’ve already made it clear that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

One of the reasons why this particular hashtag is so important is that it is a reminder that the real strength of Shadowhunters is finding some sort of potential home that will be able to broadcast the show all over the world. It needs to be able to continue to have streaming options, whether it be over at Netflix or somewhere else, for it to continue to reach its full potential. We do happen to think that if Shadowhunters was as popular in America as it was in some other places, it may not be in this position right now at all.

Hopefully, we’ll get some sort of tangible update on the future of Shadowhunters soon — for now, just marvel at how widespread the show’s fandom is and how much they are willing to support it and fight for it. Few fandoms have done more to express how much they care about their show and the community at large.

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