Save Shadowhunters update: Why all of the silence on a network front?

Shadowhunters season 2 finale reviewIn today’s Save Shadowhunters update, we want to touch on what is a burning question that many people have when it comes to the future of the Freeform series: Why is there so much silence out there? Why haven’t we heard a little bit more from various networks when it comes to the future of the series?

We understand that it’s frustrating to have to sit around and campaign, not knowing one way or another what’s happening when it comes to the show’s future. It’s probably even more frustrated due to the sheer amount of campaigning going on. We’ve seen fans of Shadowhunters do virtually everything within their power to ensure that the show can be saved and to date, it hasn’t necessarily resulted in the results that so many people want. With that in mind, we absolutely understand some of the disappointment and the notion that fans are being ignored.

So what is really going on here? We’d phrase it like this: Sometimes, networks and streaming providers don’t want to tip their hats all that much when it comes to what they’re thinking about; often, it’s because they don’t want to generate false hope. That’s why when there are announcements as to the future of a series, they come almost out of nowhere. Prior to Lucifer being saved by Netflix, there was almost zero talk about it happening at all. There was certainly optimism, but that was it. There wasn’t much talk about NBC picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine before that happened, either, and much of that was for the same exact reason. There was no indication that the move was going to be happening before it did — yet, when it came to pass, there was much rejoining.

Basically, the message that we’re trying to get across here is rather simple: Sometimes, no news can be good news. Just because it seems like networks and streaming providers are ignoring Shadowhunters doesn’t mean that they are avoiding picking up the show’s future. With that being said, though, we haven’t heard too much in terms of internal buzz, either.

Ultimately, our suggestion, if you love Shadowhunters, is simply this: Keep fighting on social media, using #SaveShadowhunters, and coming up with unique ways to save the show. However, don’t have super-high expectations for the show to be picked up, either. We’ve always done our best to proclaim cautious optimism as the best strategy here (giving false hope is never a nice thing to do); only a small handful of shows are saved after their initial cancellation and while we think Shadowhunters clearly deserves it (it did even before its campaign!), there are no guarantees. Keep making noise, and maybe in due time we’ll start to hear some news that is worthy of a smile.

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