Orange is the New Black, Insecure season 3 trailers; new Sacha Baron Cohen series (Quick Hits)

In this edition of TV Quick Hits, we’ve got a good bit to discuss, but let’s kick things off with the latest Orange is the New Black season 6 trailer discussion!

In the new trailer, it is pretty clear from the get-go that life for Piper and the other inmates has changed dramatically following the events of season 5. The prison riots have led to many of the inmates being shipped elsewhere, and while there it appears as though there are going to be more fights, new characters, and also some intense drama. Yet, we imagine that one question is going to be a takeaway from this trailer more so than anything else: Where is Alex? Hopefully, that is something that we’ll get a little bit more information on soon.

Orange is the New Black season 6 will start streaming on July 27; let’s hope that this is a great comeback season following what proved to be a rather-polarizing season 5 for the series.

As for some other news of the day…

New Insecure season 3 trailer – Leading up to the Issa Rae series’ return to HBO in August, we’ve got a video below that indicates some of the struggles that await Issa and everyone else, whether that be new relationships, money problems, or trying to just figure out what you want out of life.

New Sacha Baron Cohen – The former Borat star had gotten away from doing his undercover character comedy for a long time, but it seems like he’s slipped back into it for a super-mysterious new show entitled Who Is America?, which is actually premiering on Sunday night!

Baron’s work has long strived to depict people around the world as they truly are, albeit often in the midst of some ridiculous settings. The amount of access that he sometimes gets is a little bit incredible, largely because he’s often able to do it in secret and with a little bit of trickery. We’re already expecting plenty of outrage to come out of this project.

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