Shades of Blue season 3 episode 4 review: Is Woz cornered?

Shades of Blue
Tonight, Shades of Blue season 3 episode 4 brought you an installment very much steeped in darkness, which many characters doing things that they didn’t necessarily want to for the sake of a larger purpose.

Take, for example, Wozniak doing everything that he could in order to protect his son, who was in the midst of danger thanks in part to his own digging as a journalist. We wonder if it is this, coupled with his own personal crisis, is what caused Wozniak to start seeing visions of his late daughter. To go along with all of this Woz helped to deal that could have, ultimately, ended up being an ambush. Woz didn’t see this coming, and because of that tonight’s episode ended — again — with Woz putting himself on the line as he some of the people close to him are now in danger

Basically, the episode tonight spoke to the conflicts and disagreements that went on between multiple people in the police force, but also the problems that could arise from many of them — especially the corruption in the intelligence unit. This wasn’t an episode without much of a clear conclusion on any front, so over the next few weeks we’re going to be mostly stuck with waiting things out to see precisely what comes about on the other side.

For a prime example of this, just look at what’s going on right now with Stahl, who seems to be biding his time as tonight gave us a full sense of everything that he has been doing as of late. He is still a terrible human being that remains very much committed to getting what he wants and when he wants it. Yet, he’s also calculating. He’s not rushing himself to achieve his desired results. He’s fine with keeping some cards close to the vest as he tries to determine when he wants to really strike and continue to live out his own obsessive goals. Harlee is keeping her daughter hidden away from this again as she figures out how to deal with both this problem and also Woz’s new crisis at the same time.

A lot has transpired over these past few episodes, and yet it also does still feel like we are many episodes removed from some of what we saw at the start of the season with Harlee’s testimony.

CarterMatt Verdict

We actually would love to get back to that courtroom, mostly because it feels like Shades of Blue is at this point surprisingly effective in that space. Out in the field, the results are more mixed just because we’ve explored the morality of these characters for some time now. Still, getting Nick Wechsler on this season has shown to be a nice addition and we do like the energy that is behind almost every story, knowing that we are building towards something intense and dramatic.

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