Why Shadowhunters season 4 makes some sense for Netflix, the show globally

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersWe’ve spent a lot of time during the campaign to save Shadowhunters looking at a wide array of different potential homes, and in a lot of ways, we recognize that we could’ve done a feature about Netflix long before now. In some ways, it almost feels too obvious that the show would be a good fit there — it’s one of the most-popular streaming providers in the world and beyond that, it already airs on Netflix in many countries worldwide. Fans have also flown an airplane banner outside of Netflix’s headquarters in Los Angeles already as a plea to get them to consider the show.

For the sake of this article, though, we want to get specific on why it would benefit both Shadowhunters and also Netflix itself to have the show as a part of its roster in America; while we know the majority of the series’ fans are located internationally, the United States is still the hub of all things in many ways and what happens here could impact the show’s future in the rest of the world.

Cutting out more of the middlemen – One of the things that we’d like to see more of is a universal market in which one show can air in the same place at the same time all over the world; if Shadowhunters headed to Netflix in America, that would be a little more possible. We just think that one of the most challenging things about a show having different providers in various parts of the world is that it makes licensing a little bit more difficult, in addition to it of course being a negotiating challenge. Basically, we think that Shadowhunters being on Netflix in America would increase the show’s popularity here, but also give it more of a drive to be more popular globally.

The perfect market for it – We just think that there are a larger percentage of potential Shadowhunters consumers with Netflix than Hulu — admittedly, there’s no real data to back that up, but it just feels like the service has more series that are geared towards this particular young-adult market and it would fare a little bit better there. Shadowhunters could draw a larger pool of American viewers, and with its story being fairly linear it’s perfect for the binge-watching market.

More creative freedom – This would give Netflix a chance to tell stories that are even more daring at times, and also to fool around more with content and episode length. We don’t think Netflix in the US has a show quite like Shadowhunters with this particular audience.

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Just remember this

Continue to campaign for other potential homes beyond Netflix — one of the reasons we’ve been resistant to focusing on them solely is just because that can be a dangerous thing to do if they’re ultimately not interested. We just think that sense there are some logical reasons why they could want the show, it is worth noting for a piece.

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