Shades of Blue season 3 episode 4 video: The story of Stahl

Shades of BlueWhat’s coming up on Shades of Blue season 3 episode 4? One of the best ways in which to describe it is as one of the most dangerous episodes of the entire season.

Why is that? Much of it has to do with the presence of Stahl at the center of it. For most of the first three episodes, Harlee Santos has been increasingly concerned about the man finding a way to re-enter her orbit. It is a point of contention and serious concern for her, largely because she realizes just how dangerous the man is. Not only that, but she also realizes that he is capable of doing pretty unspeakable, terrible things. He seems to be back in New York now (though there is some mystery about just long he’s been around), and this episode seems to be very much based on his goals and his presence. This episode is entitled “A Walking Shadow” and we have to think that there is a pretty good reason for that. This is what Stahl has wanted to be for most of this season, but he could be starting to become close to the light again.

Ultimately, it’s clear already that this is not a problem that Harlee needs in her life, largely because she’s facing enough hurdles with police corruption elsewhere. Bringing Stahl back in is a way to only complicate things further.

With that being said, we do also wonder this: How much longer can a character like Stahl really survive? How much more can a show like Shades of Blue really do with him? We know that there are breaking points with every character and he’s already past his. We just think that there’s going to be a showdown sooner rather than later, and with there being other problems Harlee is facing, we’re not sure how a guy like Stahl even makes it to the series finale.

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