Nashville season 6 episode 14 promo: Juliette battles Darius

Are you ready for Nashville season 6 episode 14 to come on the air Thursday night? This episode is going to continue the trajectory of this season, one that seems to be right now all about trying to take down some very bad people.

For example, is there a way for Alannah to effectively destroy Brad from within? That’s one interesting question to ponder about now. Meanwhile, another is getting a chance to learn whether or not Juliette will be the one to deliver a serious death-blow to Darius and his entire cult. He is doing what he can to threaten her with lawsuits and the like, but we’ve got a good feeling that it’s not going to work out for him anywhere near as well as he would want for it to. Juliette has a lot of power and influence, even if he also does. We just think that she is more insistent on taking him down than almost any other person that he’s run up against.

Below, the Nashville season 6 episode 14 synopsis does a good job of giving us a sense as to precisely what is coming up on the series next:

Deacon and the girls grow worried when Gideon starts leaving the house; Juliette confronts Darius; Twig tries to keep Jonah’s secret from Maddie; Brad’s behavior is not limited to Alannah.

By the end of this episode, our sentiment is that some of these stories are going to be nearing their peak, and we are preparing for the resolution that lies on the other side. It was known in advance that this was going to be the final season of Nashville, and because of that we have a hard time imagining that there is going to be all that much in the way of a big cliffhanger at the end.

What do you want to see when it comes to Nashville season 6 episode 14? Share some of your thoughts on that subject in the comments!

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