Anne with an E season 3: Could it happen over on Netflix?

Following its big season 2 premiere, is an Anne with an E season 3 renewal possible over at Netflix?

At the moment, it is probably a little bit too early to tell, just from the vantage point that the series has just come out. We’re at a point right now where the most important order of business for the streaming provider is seeing whether or not people watch — and we’re fairly sure that some will.

One of the things that we have come to know over time here is that Anne with an E is one of those sneaky-hits for Netflix that doesn’t necessarily receive too much in the way of attention, but doesn’t really need it in order to be successful. Remember here that we are talking about an adaptation of some of the most beloved stories of all time, and we think that this is really the driving force here when it comes to publicity more so than anything else. There are certainly more stories to tell and more that can be mined from the books, so from that vantage point, there is an easy argument in order to keep things going.

Now, if you are thinking about possible renewal timelines, know that season 2 was ordered within a couple of months following the premiere of season 1 on Netflix. It’s not altogether hard to envision something similar happening here. This gives Netflix all of the necessary time in order to gauge the series’ performance; yet, it also does still allow Anne with an E the opportunity to really start to deliver on whatever the stories are that are coming up.

Hopefully, the streaming service won’t keep viewers waiting for too long — but without any sort of clear means in which to track ratings, things really are somewhat up in the air right now.

Do you want to see an Anne with an E season 3 renewal happen? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter right now in the attached comments!

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